The Prism Desktop

3D Printer

A feature packed and easy to use UV Resin 3D Printer for only $349

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Beam3D has designed an out of the box, easy-to-use solution for resin 3D printing. Currently, solutions for affordable resin printing require either experience or research to get started. Our goal was to make using a resin 3D Printer easy and affordable.

The Prism

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All major slicers

The Prism supports all major slicers, and will continue to be updated as the software for SLA printing evolves.

Real time exposure control

On the fly cure time adjustment prevents the need to alter your workflow.

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57 watt parallel LED array

The 57 watt parallel LED array drives uniform light distribution across the entire build plate, edge to edge.

Auto leveling bed

The leveling system actions at the beginning of every print and when homing the machine.

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Magnetic removable build plate

Prism is a resin printer with a 2K LCD screen that allows for high resolution prints that look like finished products.

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WiFi Support

In addition to delivering files, you are able to: start, stop, pause, edit profiles, and adjust printer settings.



(20% OFF)

Bundle Deals

Enthusiast Bundle

The Beam3D Value bundle provides the tools to get started without breaking the bank. In addition to the Prism 3D Printer you will receive useful tools, some replacement pieces, and 2 liters of resin at an outstanding value. 



(34% OFF)

Pro Pack

The Semi-Pro kit is meant for makers that are ready to dive into resin printing. We include everything necessary to get going and a few things that we have found useful like a screen for filtering resin, plastic containers for cleaning prints, metal and plastic spatulas.


(26% OFF)

All-in-One Bundle

The Pro Printer Pack includes the Printer and Curing oven, covering the full workflow for resin 3D Printing. Additionally, we are including all of the tools that we have found that make life easy like spatulas, a filter screen for filtering resin, and a few other goodies.



(30% OFF)


The Prism is compatible with ALL 405nm resins and compatible with all popular slicers.

Your printer is covered for 12 months. Electronics like your LCD and mainboard are covered for 90 days.

Unlike traditional FDM printers that heat up plastic and physically move around the build volume to place it, MSLA machines utilize UV reacting resin to project entire layers at a single time down to resolutions of 20micron. Creating amazing fast prints with incredible detail vs traditional FDM methods.

The Prism 3D Printer is UL, FCC compliant.

 You are welcome to reach out to us at for specific application or general information about our products

Absolutely! You can view the full list of parts available here in our parts store at

Yes, however we recommend keeping your Prism in a well ventilated area away from primary living environments like the bedroom, living room, and kitchen in your home. The ideal places we recommend operating the Prism is in a garage, basement, or utility room. The Prism is compatible with a wide range of different types and brands of resins, some of which have stronger fumes and smells than others.

There are no limits to what objects you can print. You can print scale miniatures, mechanical parts, household objects like the ones you might find at your local hardware store, and so much more. All you need is the 3d model that you wish to print.

Customer Reviews


The Prism is the complete package. Ready to go out of the box, I loaded up some resin and set profiles and was getting successful prints in the first 24 hours I had my hands on it. Beam3D’s auto-leveling design is slick looking, and works just as nicely. I honestly would have been happy with a bare-bones DLP for the price point, but they managed to pack in features like wi-fi and a custom calibration routine. It’s a printer designed by and for power users at a super sweet price point.

Riley L.


When I joined up with the beta I had another small low cost resin print which was just a pain for a person new to resin printing. I was expecting to have nothing but issues here as well. I was wrong, so wrong. The Autolevel made life easy, being able to change setting mid print is great. I am the kind of person who recommends to avoid kickstarters, after getting to know the guys handling this, this is the exception to that. The Prism 3d is something I would highly recommend!

Dan M.


The Prism not only exceeded my expectations in print detail and quality. It’s by far the easiest to main, operate, and work with compared to every other printer I’ve worked with and own without comparison. It’s only made my desire to get into MSLA and related printing technology but to only expand my Beam3d/Prism unit’s even more.

Earl H.

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John Doe


In the News

See what people are saying! 

“You’ll get a top-of-the-line 3-D printer for the same price as it would take to get a couple of bottles of resin from other established SLA printer companies.”

“…this sub-$400 all-metal machine boasts an affordable price point, sophisticated features and is claimed to compete with printers upwards of $1000.”

“…the quality is at least as good as if not better than any SLA printer on the market that I’ve personally used …at almost half the price of the next least expensive SLA printer!”


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The Prism - Real Time Cure Control


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The Prism - Time-Lapse Printing


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The Prism - Auto Leveling System


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